2 New Investment Schemes You Need to Be Cautious About

There are 2 new investment schemes making its word around and you should exercise extra caution if you do come across these investment schemes.

The first one is called Crypto888.crypto

It is mainly an investment for people to buy into crypto coins (similar to bitcoins) and you get a certain amount of returns every single month.

Let’s take a look at when their website was first registered.


You can see that this website is only 6 months old as it was newly registered on March 25th 2015. It is always not a good option to be placing your hard earned money into a company that is very brand new as there are no track records.

The other investment scheme is called MIBD Gold.


It is another online gold investment that promises to give you a certain percentage of returns every month. Let’s take a look at when their website was registered.


The website was registered on August 8th, 2008. Although it may seem that this site has been up for 7 years now, don’t be quick to trust them.

There is always an option whereby people can actually buy over a website that has been existing for a long time. This will give you an illusion that a company has already been around for quite some time.

Look at rather on the date that it was updated and it is stated as June 27th, 2013. This shows that this website is instead only 2 years and 2 months.

If this investment is a hoax, it’s life span is almost up since it’s already been 2 years.

Summing It All Up

Remember that it is always important for you to do some form of research before jumping into any investment. It is actually better to treat every investment like it’s a scam and then doing your homework to see why it isn’t a scam.

However, don’t be convinced if these companies have fanciful offices, huge grand dinner events and incredible rewards for investing in them. All the past investment schemes that failed, all had these things that made them seemed to appear rich and established.

These investment schemes will evolve and they will probably get smarter as time goes by. Just remember to always be cautious about such investments. If you’re uncomfortable, just simply avoid them.

There are always plenty of other opportunities out there!

What do you think of such investments? Have you heard about them before? Feel free to share you thoughts in the comments below.

Our Verdict:


Disclaimer: This article is written to express our own opinions. Readers are asked to practice due diligence before making their decisions. We receive no compensation to write about any specific investment.

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