Are You Ready to Be FIRED From Your Job?

Think about it for a moment. What if one day you could be well prepared to be fired at any moment? That it simply won’t matter to you if you suddenly lost your job? I’ll share with you more why you should have this mentality.


I recently met a 37-year-old guy and his name is Darren. Apparently, he has been working for a company doing customer service for several years now. I think with the amount of years of service, he should actually be getting some kind of long service award.

Just a month ago, while he was at his desk, he got called to his manager’s office. He was feeling really excited as he knew he had been working at his best for the company.

He walked to his manager’s office with his head up high with some sense of pride. However, it wasn’t meant to be of any good news at all. Darren walked out of the room with his head looking down. Looking sad but yet confused at the same time.


He was told to leave.

Unfortunately, his manager told him that the company was going through some form of restructuring and had to let some of them go.

He got home that night with his mind filled with worry. He switched on the television but he wasn’t watching it at all. His mind was just elsewhere.

His mind was filled with worry about the bills that he had to pay. His mind was filled about whether he’ll be able to find another job quickly. His mind was filled with worry about being able to have enough for his family.

If only he had been READY to be fired.

If only he had taken small steps to grow another source of income.

This is where financial literacy comes into play.

This is why it’s important to grow other source of income because we will never know when our active income will be cut off.

In this case, cut off entirely because of losing a job. Sometimes, it can also be cut off because we may lose the ability to work for some reason.

This is why taking a small portion of your money from salary every month and making it work for you can go a long way.

Yes, by simply putting some of your money to work every month can go a very long way.

The effects may not be immediate but it’ll certainly be extremely POWERFUL in the long run.


Some of us know that we need to invest because our money devalues year after year due to inflation but I feel that this is a more important reason why we should invest!

To get to the point when we are READY TO BE FIRED.

Start today (not tomorrow) by using these 3 steps:

Step 1: Save a portion of your salary

Either by transferring a certain amount of money every month to another bank account or through saving coins.

Step 2: Start investing that small portion of money. Refer here for a practical way to invest the small portion of money (even if it’s just $100).

Today there are more opportunities available to start small. One simple way of investing is by investing in the index and buying every single month. Other than investing in the index, keep an open mind and lookout for other opportunities that can help you be prepared to be fired.

Step 3: Rinse & Repeat


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