Cuffz Holdings or CH Assets International Analysis

Cuffz Holdings or CH Assets International

Today we look at a company who is marketer for various investments in the market. Cuffz Holdings who is now known as CH Assets International Pte Ltd. Is Cuffz Holdings or CH Assets Intentional Pte Ltd a scam? Let’s take a look.

The History About Cuffz Holdings

About a year and a half ago, Cuffz Holdings was doing marketing to seek investors for a company called “IOC Group Limited”. Back then investors could buy Convertible Preferred Bond Shares, similar to the VGMC Investment Model. When you own these shares, you will get monthly dividends based on the amount that you have purchased.


Unfortunately, IOC Group Limited is no longer paying investors anymore. We have heard that some were fortunate enough to get back at least 70% of their capital but some may have not been as fortunate depending on the timing of investor’s entry.

What Cuffz Holdings or CH Assets International Pte Ltd is now up to? 

Now they have rebranded themselves as CH Assets International Pte Ltd. At present, it is told that they are now marketing a new property project called The Islandia in Pulau Abang Besar Island. We have no clue as to how much the returns are being promised in this project but how can they be trustable if the first investment “recommended” by them are no longer around.

Investments should only be marketed to people if it favours the people. In some ways, it seems like the main focus is on profits for the company rather than protection for the people. Please do your homework before making a wise decision.

Sometimes, it’s just a front. (Also known as Wayang or Impressive Presentations)

We do recall attending a seminar once by Cuffz Holdings that seem to be rather impressive with various nice videos, music and talks about Internet of Things. Even the location was impressive. At the end of the day, don’t let these factors be the one that convince you to jump into an investment.


Impressive? Don’t invest because of what you SEE, invest only if you can afford the risk. Remember that there are a number of investments in the market that are no longer around even though they had an amazing display. Amazing dinners. Amazing fireworks.

Assess the risk and consider if do you have to hold on to in a case of a sudden closure. If you do, is whatever you hold recognised and worth any value? Or is it just a piece of paper?

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