The ESBI Quadrant You Ought to Apply to Your Life

If you’ve read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” then you would probably have remembered the ESBI quadrant (explanation below).

This is the 1 key thing that I remember from the book which totally changed my way of thinking.


The left side of the quadrant has the letter “E” which stands for Employee. The other letter “S” stands for Self-employed.

While, the right side of the quadrant has the the letter “B” which stands for Business Owner and “I” that stands for investor.

Robert Kiyosaki highlights that we need to aim to move to the right side of the quadrant if we want to be financially free.

The reason is…if you’re on the left side on the quadrant then you exchange time for money. If you stop working, you will have zero income.

But if you are on the right side of the ESBI quadrant then you’re able to generate income even if you do not work.

This is because if you’re an investor then money works FOR YOU and if you’re a business owner then you have people in the business who are actively working hard FOR YOU.

True financial freedom is NOT about having millions of dollars. It is when you’re able to generate income passively even if you stop working tomorrow.

The fact is that everyone of us will not be able to work forever. There’s so many reasons why such as age, the bad job market, corporate restructuring and etc.

Move to the right side of the equation if you want to reach true financial freedom.

But hey, it doesn’t mean that only can choose to be one out of the four groups in the ESBI Quadrant. In fact, you can be both an employee and an investor at the same time!

Yes! But unfortunately, we know that sometimes it can be difficult to find the time especially in a busy city like Singapore.

But it is necessary. You have to apply this concept in your life especially if you don’t want to end up working all through your life.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. This is the regret that most retirees in Singapore had in a survey by HSBC. They wished they had started investing and preparing for retirement much earlier.

So this is why an ex-remiser with 11 years of experience has developed a method that is suitable for regular employees to know how to generate passive income from the financial market.

A regular employee used his method and achieved 13.7% returns in 5 months while having a job!

If you too would like to move onto the right side of the ESBI quadrant then you don’t want to miss his upcoming new free training.

The truth is, you don’t have to be wealthy to get started BUT you have to get started in order to become wealthy! You’re going to wish you attended this workshop earlier…


To sum it up… Be sure to apply the ESBI Quadrant and you will change your life!

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