How He Went From Full-Time Employee to Full-Traveller

If you talk to Paul Chen 5 or 6 years ago, it will be very different.

Paul had an average normal life in the past.

His typical day will consists of heading to work in the morning and working extra hours on some of those days.

There were times when he also had to travel overseas for work.

His friends thought that he was lucky to be able to travel overseas but Paul will tell you otherwise.

He said that it’s a very different experience when you’re traveling overseas because of work rather than traveling for your holiday.

Things remained that way until one day Paul decided to make a change to his life.

He started getting himself financially educated and started reading more books so that he can do something about his life.

He didn’t want to end up working all his life and he knew that he had to do things differently.

And things did change.

This is Paul Chen today.paul23

He has since left his full-time job and is now doing what he loves to do everyday instead.

He spends at least 4 days in a week cycling and just enjoying the freedom that he managed to achieve.

He’s able to spend more time with his friends and family and now goes for travel vacations a few times in a year. He’s now able to travel for a holiday and no longer because of work.

Most recently he went to Japan for 1 whole month!


Here’s 2 reasons why he managed to change his life from what it was 5 or 6 years ago:

1. He Paid Himself First

Paying himself first means that he set aside how much he wants to save every single month instead of the reverse. You see, most people will normally decide on how much to save only after they spend away their monthly salary. However, he instead sets aside a fixed sum every single month. It’ll automatically be deducted from his income into a separate account so he won’t touch it at all.

2. He Got Himself Educated

He started out not knowing anything about finance or investing. One of his first books he read was Rich Dad Poor Dad and since then he looked out for workshops and courses to learn how to invest. He knew nothing about the subject and decided to look for people who have “been there” and have the experience. He knew that he didn’t want to figure things out himself because if he did then he would make many expensive mistakes.

This is the workshop that changed Paul’s life.

At this workshop he learned how to build a passive income and move quickly towards financial freedom.

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