Mind Kinesis Value Investing Course Review (Invest in the Stock Market)

In our previous posts, we talked about the importance of investing in yourself! Let’s now give our review about a value investing course by Mind Kinesis.What’s this course about?
Learn how you can participate in the stock market without losing money. The Warren Buffet approach to the stock market. In other words, looking at stocks as business instead of buying the stock because you feel that it’s going to go up.

You will be taught on the following:
– Where to find stocks
– How to decide and filter out if you should buy them
– When to buy (how much that stock is worth)
– When to sell
– Also, how to sell options

Additionally, they incorporate a bit of financial and goal planning in the course as well.

Who I be taught from?
Mainly Sean Seah and Cayden Chang. Both experienced their downfall in the stock market before adopting the Warren Buffet approach.

Our Opinion:
The trainers are very selfless in teaching and sharing their experience. They do their best in answering every question and doubt. You will have plenty of help from them. An excellent course which teaches a lifetime skill. The combination of excellent content and excellent trainers makes the course value for money. With no doubt, you will earn back your course fees and a lot more profits after going through this course. After learning, apply it and experience the results for yourself. Very amazing! Kudos to Mind Kinesis for creating such a programme!

Our Verdict:

I want to get to know more!All new value investing course by Sean Seah, Click to find out more

This article is written to express our own opinions. Readers are asked to practice due diligence before making their decisions.

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