Mysterious Unknown Overseas Call From Forex Prime, Here’s What Happened…

In this post, I want to share with you about my 1st hand experience of a mysterious unknown overseas call that I received from a Forex company.

I want to share with you what happened and what I did to dig and research about this online website so that you know how to do some research yourself if you ever encounter such a situation.

So here’s the story.

About 3 days ago I received a mysterious overseas call from a company called Forex Prime.

They mentioned that they run an established website called

They also mentioned that their company has been around for several months now and they provide people with trading signals and even provide free online trading lessons.

I was just curious to hear what the person had to say and the caller mentioned that the company is regulated in Singapore as well.

He went on to tell me that they are regulated in Cyprus. How is being regulated in Cyprus being regulated in Singapore?

I was curious to dig further about this forex website so I went to visit the website

When I went over to the website, I immediately thought that it looked rather familiar.

It’s in fact an exact copy of a website called!
exactcopyDuring the call, he kept urging me to sign up and register for a free account with them on their website.


When I told him I’ll have a look and decide later, he repeatedly said that if I don’t register now with their promotion code then i’ll have to pay $300+ if I register on my own.

After a while, he got irritated talking to me and hanged up the phone.

Curious to dig through this website even further, I went to do a search about when this company registered their website.

You can find out by going to a website called Who.Is and entering in the company’s domain name (e.g.

So here’s the result that came up.


You will notice that the website is registered on September 11, 2004 but you’ll want to pay closer attention to the updated date instead.

For this website, it’s only been updated on January 14, 2016. This will give you a hint that the company probably only started around that date.

Next, you can confirm the date this company started their website by looking at how their website looked like in the past.

Here’s how you do that.

Go to and enter in the website’s domain name.

This is what you’ll probably see after you enter the domain name…


You will notice that there will be some dates that is circled with a blue background. You’ll be able to click on the date and take a look at a snapshot of how the website looked like in the past.

So from the above screenshot there’s a snapshot for the website on:
– 9th January 2016
– 7th March 2016

When I clicked on 9th January 2016, this is the snapshot that came up:


It was only when I clicked on the date 7th March 2016 that this snapshot came up:

screenshot23This means that this website was only established on 7th March 2016 instead of 9th January 2016!

The company is only about 1 month old! Not like what the caller mentioned (several months).

Shortly after, I received another call from someone else in the company who tried to push me to register for a free account again.

So how about you?

Have you ever encountered such strange overseas calls from random forex companies before?


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