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Grow Your Money with US Tax Lien

Apart from growing your money through traditional methods such as stocks, forex, bonds and etc. Buying Tax Liens in US is another …


Financial Freedom Formula

Financial freedom is probably the thing that is on everyone’s mind. Everyone hopes to be financially free so that we have one …


How to Choose a Golden Goose

Imagine walking into a wet market and there you see a sign which says “Golden Goose for Sale!” Doesn’t it sound great? …


Power of Compounding Interest

Based on a 10% return yearly with a starting capital of $100,000. From the pictures above, you can clearly see that it …


Why be an INVESTOR?!

I can’t emphasize further as to why we should be an INVESTOR instead of a saver. Let me just show you the …


Save Till You Go Grey

“You must save money!”, said mum. Well at least that’s what most of us has been taught since young. For some of …