Tony Robbins’s 5 Best Money Advices for 2016

You may have heard of the famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins before from people around you. You’ve seen his books at the bookstores, he’s been on stages all around the world and he’s one who is famous for helping people to change their state.

To help people people change their state so that they can experience all kinds of breakthroughs in life.

Today I want to share with you an audio that I came across on YouTube that you HAVE to listen to.

This is really a great audio to listen to if you maybe want to take a moment to reflect on your own life before you embark on your financial pursuit for 2016.

Watch the video below (only 50mins & 40secs).

If you don’t have time, find time! If not, I’ve highlight some great pointers from the audio below.

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Financial Success?

Your Financial Future

One reason why people may be sabotaging their financial future is because they associate pain with money in their mind.

He highlighted an example:

When he was young at 19 years old, he had his own company and was called “Wonder Boy”.

He was earning $10,000 a month and thought money will definitely lead to pleasure because he could use it to help his family him.

He thought he could use the money to eliminate some of the problems his family was facing and provide fun to his friends.

However, some of his friend was feeling uncomfortable. Some of them started to judge him, some started making excuses, some treated him harshly and some said “I don’t have a house like yours.”

He didn’t care but that led him to link that having money didn’t really give him the pleasure he thought it would bring.

His mind started thinking “Having a lot of money means that people will reject you” and that “people will get uncomfortable around you”.

He felt like an outcast. All of a sudden, he felt all the pain linked to having money.

And because of that subconsciously he linked having a lot of money with pain. With that kind of thoughts, he started destroying his own finances back then.

At the end of the day, you must know what your mind is thinking.

Your brain can subconsciously destroy yourself.

So, we must change our core beliefs about money.

That earning money is a pleasurable experience rather than associating it with pain.

People fail to achieve what they want financially because they haven’t gotten themselves ready for wealth.

Condition your mind and emotions in order to have an abundance of money and feel comfortable with it.

Your finances will not change until your beliefs change.

Your beliefs is like a rubber band. Sometimes you don’t believe enough and that’s why when you go out to try something and it doesn’t work out, you snap back to where you were.

Don’t aim to work harder but change your beliefs.

A belief is a certainty of something and so if you don’t change it, your life won’t change.

So how do you change your belief and eliminate financial sabotage forever?

Link pain to not having enough.

For example, he found a lot of pain and frustration when he had little money. Couldn’t go to places, couldn’t provide for family.

Action Step 1:

Write down all of the pain that you presently experience in your life because you don’t have the level of financial abundance that you truly deserve?

Get yourself to experience the pain once and for all because of not having the financial abundance.

What’s the price you’re paying because you don’t have the financial abundance?

Associate your brain of these major pains because of not having enough money.

It helps you to create massive pressure on yourself to make your brain know the pain because of not having enough.

Action Step 2:

Write down any single word you can think of about money.

Action Step 3:

Write down the things you remember that people told you about money?

For me, I remember hearing these things:

….You think money drops from the sky?

…Money doesn’t grow on trees

…You think I print money ah?

…Money is not everything

Note: You’ll notice that the things you write down in action step 2 and the things you write down in action step 3 may contradict each other. It might be positive things you wrote in action step 2 but in action step 3 it may be negative things.

So are you still subconsciously holding onto old beliefs?  Eliminate your old beliefs by associating pain for not having enough financial abundance.

Action Step 4:

List all the benefits in your life if you have true financial abundance?

So in summary to change you need to:

1. Create massive pain and associate that pain of not having it

2. Create tremendous pleasure of having it

Another way to change your old beliefs is to ridicule your old beliefs

Old Saying: Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Change to: It grows out of the positive ideas that I follow through on every single day of my life.

Old Saying: Money isn’t everything.

Change to: Money isn’t everything for people who don’t know where to shop.

Old Saying: Money is the root of all evil.

Change to: Money is the root of all evil in the wrong hands but i’m a responsible and sensitive person.

Old Saying: Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Change to: Money doesn’t grow on trees but it grows on the acting of my creative ideas.

What Else Must You Do To Be Wealthy?

In order to become wealthy you need to live in an attitude of gratitude, give much more to others than you expect back.

When you give away it teaches your subconscious mind that there is more than enough.

The Bottom Line of Becoming Financially Successful

Bottom line of becoming financially successful is that you must feel that you deserve it!

I deserves it because….

I’m alive!

i’m a giver.

Create experiences with money and believe your way to financial abundance!


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