Discover How You Can Learn The Habits & Tricks to Retire Financially Free From 8 Successful Individuals! 

How would you like to be able to...

  • Know the tricks and habits to achieve financial freedom from people who are already financially successful
  • Become confident of knowing what to do in order to change financial future
  • Know the formula of the rich so you increase your income but work less or the same number of hours
  • Have a peace of mind and know what you ought to be doing today otherwise you'll end up working till you go grey
  • Start thinking like a successful person & change the way you look at money and life

If the above things sound good to you, then you'll want to
apply the concept of modelling.

What's Modelling?

It's basically the idea of following the same steps of what other successful people have done in order to become successful!

This is not a new idea.

In fact, this is exactly how Singapore managed to quickly become one of the most successful country in Asia. 

By applying the concept of modelling. Singapore has modelled after other countries who has successful systems in place. For example our banking system, our army system and so on...

You've heard of big names like Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, Richard Branson, Chris Gardner, Donald Trump and etc. But you know there are also others just like them who are successful but are just not publicly known.

Here's 8 individuals who are financially successful...

Paul Chen

He is someone who was having a full-time job in the past. Over the years he implemented some action steps along the way and now he is a full-time investor for the past 3 years. His typical week now consists of cycling about 4 times a week and doing what he loves.

Maureen Li

She is a seasoned entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses in the past. Some examples of her previous businesses were travel wholesale, headhunting, F&B and others. Today, she’s in the business of commercial property rental in Singapore. Despite market condition, she’s able to run stable business with positive monthly cashflow.

Ken Teng

He was working in the Civil Service before he made the transition to help his mum run their family business. He had completely no experience in growing his wealth and even failed Maths in school. Once he lost $50,000 in the stock market but over a span of 3 years he has generated $300,000 from the Stock market.

Sean Seah

He's an expert in creating wealth through the Stock Market. He is known to be the Warren Buffet of Singapore. In the past, he did make several mistakes and invested in a few schemes in 2007 that turned out to be scams. Despite that, he has reached financial freedom by the age of 29. He is ready to retire but now he selflessly shares with others on how to create wealth consistently through the Stock Market.

AP Tan

She is a Producer & Director of her company that is mainly based in Los Angeles. Over the years, out of passion she has also managed to start a restaurant business in Singapore called Crab In Da Bag. The restaurant turned out to be a big hit and she has even managed to earn back her invested capital within 3 months.

Raymond Yap

He runs his own company called Tetra Excellence Consulting Pte Ltd which mainly focuses on personal development and corporate training (with the use of the Earth, Air, Water & Fire principles). He had a lot of turbulence while trying to start his company 7 years ago. In fact, he has no business for the first 4 months and faced 100 rejections.

Winston Yap

He did not do well academically in School. In fact, he is a school drop out and does not hold a degree at all. However, he took charge of his life and turned his life around when he ventured property, the internet and network marketing. His mastery in sales and marketing has allowed him to be one of the leading top income earners in Network Marketing, generating over $90 million in 1.5 years.

Jacob Yang

He almost became bankrupt in the past (18 years ago) but today he owns 3 businesses. One is in the area of property management while another in import & export and the third is a restaurant in China. Setting up business in China is not easy but today he has a successful restaurant that has been running in Chengdu, China for 7 years now.

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